A male poses in front of a MINI with a MINI shirt on while others walk around him.

Be part of MINI culture.

4,500 MINI enthusiasts drove cross-country in 2016.

When you join MINI, you don't just join a dealership, you join a culture and a lifestyle. MINI is optimistic and authentic. It's an infectious spirit with a cheeky personality. It's where you can be your true self and have fun.

With MINI, you experience the joy of working with a product that thrills its owners, and you meet an amazing cross section of people.

MINI owners can't be put into one box. They represent all ages, races, and backgrounds. From hipsters to moms, auto racers to teachers, and everything in between, they are people who embrace independence and spontaneity.

MINI customers are a tight-knit community who like to socialize. MINI owner groups exist on all major social networks. Many local dealers run special customer events, such as breakfast gatherings and BBQs, so owners can mingle among themselves and with MINI employees. With MINI, you don’t just get a job: you become part of a passionate, fun-loving community.

4,500 MINI enthusiasts drove cross-country in 2016.

MINI Dealer employees take to the tracks.

Growth Opportunities with a Well-Established, Prestigious Brand.

MINI has been in existence since 1959, and it's been part of the BMW Group since 1994. That means peerless engineering, best-in-the-business dynamics and cutting edge safety technology wrapped in timeless MINI design.

For people with a passion for customer service and a willingness and aptitude for learning, an opportunity-rich environment awaits at MINI.

At MINI, we want you to succeed. While training and benefits will vary by role and also by specific MINI dealership, MINI USA also offers their own brand, product, and skill training. Sales and Service staff will be enrolled in the MINI University, a comprehensive training program including in-person training, online training, and exciting launch events when new vehicles are unveiled. The MINI University focuses the student on providing MINI-minded, customer-centric service with an eye towards increased profitability and retention for the dealerships.

MINI Dealer employees take to the tracks.

MINI has heart.

Social responsibility is a vital part of the MINI brand. In partnership with our dealers, MINI has helped provide meals to more than 46 million people through Feeding America. MINI also teamed up with star athletes and celebrities in a campaign called "Defy Labels" to discourage stereotypes and overcome cruel and negative labels. MINI has also supported the creation of public skateboard parks in low-income communities through its partnership with professional skateboarder Tony Hawk.

At the local level, MINI dealers participate in charitable events across the country. At MINI, we are as passionate about supporting our communities at all levels as we are about our brand.