Zach Stankowski, Motoring Advisor.

Zach moved to Georgia with no prior sales or auto industry experience. Today he’s a passionate Motoring Advisor, a proud MINI owner, and he considers his fellow MINI dealer colleagues as his “Georgia family.”

How would you describe the MINI “brand” experience at the dealer level for MINI employees?
It’s unlike anything I have ever seen before. At my dealership, we have a young staff. It’s a vibrant, energetic environment. Everybody high fives customers, and we’re always putting smiles on people’s faces.

How would you describe the opportunity for advancement with a MINI dealer career?

My colleague and I order all the cars. We really know the product better than anyone else here, and our managers put a lot of faith in us. I now own a MINI and probably always will.

What is the typical successful MINI dealer employee like? What characteristics would you use to describe them?

They are energetic, always smiling, and have an easy-going personality. MINI is a quirky brand, so you are working with people who are unique.

What makes MINI vehicles different from the rest?

The most successful MINI dealer employees have a passion for the MINI brand and for understanding people. Not all people consume information in the same way. Some want a quick overview while some want to know every detail about the MINI vehicle.

How would you describe the MINI lifestyle?

It is FUN, and I was not expecting that. I love driving MINIs.

Why should a person want to be a MINI Motoring Advisor?

Everything with MINI ties back to the fun aspect. I have fun every single day. I love my job, and the people I work with. I moved here from Pennsylvania, and this dealership has become my Georgia family. We all get along really well.

Selling cars is going to have more benefits than working in retail, for example. You never know who you are going to meet every day.

I vibe the best with people who have bought into MINI. I have customers who own 5 MINIs. MINI lovers have a certain personality. Quirky, unique and outgoing. They love talking about their cars, and they love conversing with MINI owners.

I don’t see this as a job, I see it as a career – I see myself furthering my career and my experience to hone in my skills.

Do you have any brand partnerships or sponsorship partners for sales and/or employee benefits at your dealer location?

Our dealer offers weekly “Boots, Bonnets and Bagels” gatherings. MINI customers are invited to come socialize with our staff and other MINI owners over bagels. In the summer we turn this into a cookout called “Boots, Bonnets and Burgers.” This helps us interact with our customers a lot more.

A few weeks ago, we partnered with a local radio station here in Atlanta. We gave a Clubman to one of their radio hosts to drive for a week before the event – to help hype up the event. The event was held at an office park with food trucks and cars to test-drive. We set up in office park and invited the 900 employees in the surrounding buildings. We bring the dealership to them.

We’ve also partnered with Gwinnett county schools for special offers to teachers and school district employees. We try to be active in the community.

You Can Visit Zach at Mall of Georgia MINI in Buford, Georgia