Danilo Guerrero, Technician.

Danilo is a Technician at MINI of Stevens Creek in Santa Clara, CA. Danny’s path to MINI started in his cousin’s garage. After many late nights and countless hours, he realized that working on cars could be more than just a hobby.

Have you worked in the automotive industry before? What drives you to be a service advisor at MINI?

I began my career in the automotive industry in 2004 after graduating from the BMW FasTrak program. I spent a total of seven years at two dealerships in the San Francisco bay area before making the jump over to MINI of Stevens Creek in 2011.

I have a family, so I can appreciate being able to get around in a car that is safe and reliable. It’s not uncommon for me to see the vehicles that I worked on whether it be on my days off or even during the morning/evening commute. It’s a good feeling to know that I play a small role in getting customers to feel the same way I do when they are out driving around with their families.

What makes MINI different from the rest?

The infinite number of ways one can customize a MINI and how far we will go to satisfy our customers is what sets us apart from the rest. From reuniting customers with their cars because they live far from a dealer to working side-by-side with them at our service car care clinics are just a few examples.

How would you describe the MINI dealer employee culture?

Casual, fun, relaxed, and not normal are some of the words I would use to describe the MINI employee culture. And this all starts with our customers’ passion for their cars. They bring a positive attitude to the dealer which gets passed on to us who work here. It’s infectious.

Why should a person want to be a technician? What does it take to excel in that role? (personality characteristics, work style, background)

If one enjoys working on the latest in car technology, troubleshooting, and working with their hands, then it just makes sense to become a technician.

It also helps to be self-motivated, multi-tasking, and have the ability to work independently or with a team.

What types of training are offered to MINI dealer staff?

Both online and instructor led training are available to technicians so that we are able to stay current with new and existing products. Instructor led courses are also a great way to network and share experiences with technicians that work at other MINI dealers.

What other advice or selling points would you share with someone considering a technician career?

Take classes in an automotive program, join an apprenticeship, find out how to get into the MINI STEP program, or even come by MINI of Stevens Creek and talk to any one of the technicians to find out what it actually takes to succeed in this field. It’s not just about being a good mechanic anymore. Technicians need to be able to understand and interpret how modern automotive systems work in order to fix cars properly.

You Can Visit Danilo at MINI of Stevens Creek in Santa Clara, CA