Charlie Wyffels, Motoring Advisor.

Charlie is a passionate Motoring Advisor who began working with MINI since they first launched in the USA. Charlie is a MINI enthusiast who turned his passion for cars into a fun and successful career. He believes his love of the brand, joy in meeting new people, and commitment to excellent customer service are what makes his customers keep coming back.

Have you worked in the automotive industry before? What brought you to the MINI team?

I started out in the automotive business in early 1995 as a part-time detailer and lot porter for a Porsche dealership in Minneapolis. Working with luxury cars felt like my calling. When the manager from the Porsche dealership left, he invited me to come with him to Motorwerks BMW. There my manager showed me the ropes in the BMW world. Motorwerks then acquired one of the first MINI dealerships in the United States in March of 2002, and I became their first MINI salesperson.

Why should a person work for a MINI dealer over other car dealers?

My first impression of the MINI brand is that it is more laidback. It’s not the “stuffy suit” image you think of with a premium brand. MINI attracts a great clientele, provides a fun atmosphere, and you get to be on the cutting edge of BMW products.

What is the typical successful MINI Sales Manager like?

Passionate, hardworking, fast thinker, jokester, solid person always willing to help with questions and answers. MINI Sales Managers love what they do.

What is the most exciting or best part about your job?

Seeing a client that I am working with get a huge smile when taking a test drive for the first time. They feel the car’s power and handling, and they light up! It’s in that moment I know that I have sold the car, and that they have made the right decision. I just know they are going to love their MINI like I do.

What types of training are offered to the MINI dealer staff?

MINI offers many different online courses and university training from the first MINI to the new MINI. Trainers also come to the dealership and provide hands-on product demonstrations. They offer rides and drives with other brands so you can talk intelligently about the models, the differences between them and how they compare.

Charlie and his family

What other advice or selling points would you share with someone considering a MINI Motoring career?

If you’re looking for a fun atmosphere where you get to work with affluent people, make friends and create lifetime stories that just cannot be made up, come sell the MINI brand.