Amir Tammehr, Service Advisor.

Amir joined MINI with zero automotive experience. Today he is a rock star in the service department. Amir believes that being a Service Advisor is all about being someone's friend and caring for them and their needs.

Have you worked in the automotive industry before? What drives you to be a service advisor at MINI?

I had never worked in the automotive industry. Customer service has always been a strong trait of mine so that led me to become a Service Advisor. MINI won me over within one test drive, I was ready to be a part of the community. MINI is what brought me out of a dark and hard time in my life. The first turn I took in my R53 is what put a smile back on my face. My F56 is what saved my life.

The people involved with MINI and the motorers are what drive me. Helping those in need are what keep me motivated, and it brings me satisfaction. I feel like it's only a small “Thank you” being a service advisor.

How would you describe the MINI dealer employee culture?

It’s all about the experience. Being an enthusiast, I see that MINI strives to make it about the motorer, how they feel, and their concerns. It's about “BE MINI” or “BE YOU.” Be who you want to be, make it how you want it feel for the journey along the way. Service is what keeps motorers coming back. Making the customer’s feel cared for, comfortable and that their issues genuinely matter is the foundation and makes the ride that much smoother.

Why should a person work for a MINI dealer over other car dealers?

MINI is a lifestyle. I mean what other car owners do you see that actually care about other owners like we do? MINI cares unlike any other. Working for MINI is working for more than just a brand, it's working for a company that is devoted to their customers and the community. Because of that, service is something people can look forward too!

Why should a person want to be a Service Advisor? What does it take to excel in that role?

Being a Service Advisor is all about being someone's friend. It's about caring for them and their needs. You don’t use this job as a segue to something else. You do it to help the customer feel a connectedness to the road they have never felt before. You build a bond with the customer and earn their trust. Not only are you creating a bond with the customer, but you are building a bond with the technicians behind the scenes, basically team building. You’re working for that relationship, and when the customer walks away smiling saying, “You’re my guy” it’s all the reward you need.

You Can Visit Amir at Baron MINI in Merriam, Kansas