Alex Stoyanov, General Sales Manager.

Why should a person work for a MINI dealer over other car dealers?
Working for a MINI dealer is a completely different experience compared to almost any other brand. The customers generally have a ton of personality, they are excited about the car, and genuinely love the brand and the experience. When you combine this with the amazing product, the result is an exciting, fun environment to be in. That is what really makes working at a MINI dealership different from most other dealers.

Have you worked in the automotive industry before? What brought you to the MINI team?

I started working in the automotive industry in February of 2004 as a sales person at a Honda dealership. I thought it would be a good way to save up some money before I started school in September the same year. I quickly developed passion for different aspects of the job and ended up working part time for the next four years while going to school. I was promoted to a new car manager position as soon as I graduated.

In 2012, I was offered a new car manager position at a BMW dealership. After working there for two years, I heard that Gallery Group would be opening a new MINI location about 15 miles south of Boston. As a previous MINI owner and a fan of the brand, I decided to apply. When I found out that I got the job I was really excited to build a team that is fun, well trained and excited about the brand as much as I was.

What is the typical successful MINI Motoring Advisor like? What characteristics would you use to describe them?

I have met many MINI Sales Managers over the past four years, and I can always tell who runs a successful operation and who does not. To me it is important for a manager to be “fun to work for.” He/she would have to know the brand and product inside-out and be passionate about it. He/she has to care about employees and put them above all, even customers. The employees are the ones who interact with the customers on daily basis, and if they have good intentions, are trained properly, believe in brand and final goal, they will take care of the customers naturally.

I don’t like thinking about myself as a manager, but rather someone who has a slightly different role in the team. Every person in the team is just as important as any other, and no one “tells people what to do.” We all have the same goal, and we simply come up with the most appropriate solution for every problem based on our knowledge, experience and the appropriate process.

What is the most exciting or best part about your job?

One of the most gratifying things about my job is seeing employees stay in the store for years and not ever think about leaving because we, together, managed to create a fun work environment. Also, because they are compensated fairly for their hard work, they are empowered and encouraged to do what they are best at, and they are treated with respect, trained properly, and complimented when they do a good job. I also love when we have a difficult goal or set of goals to achieve and we manage to exceed all expectations on regular basis.

What types of training are offered to MINI dealer staff?

MINI as a brand requires employees to go through a set of online and in-person product and process training. In our store we conduct in-depth training on how to tailor a product presentation to a client based on their particular wants and needs. We pick someone from the team to be the “customer” and one more to be the “advisor”. At the end, everyone else talks about what they liked and what they thought would have worked better. We also do regular training on how to handle phone calls, internet leads, overcoming objections, and qualifying customer’s wants and needs.

What other advice or selling points would you share with someone considering a MINI career?

If anyone is looking for a career in the car business but wants to work for a fun brand where the clients actually do appreciate the uniqueness of the cars and are genuinely excited about the cars, MINI is the right brand! They’ll get to meet interesting people, work for a great company that sells an amazing product, and they’ll have a lot of fun at work. This is something very difficult to find in this industry but not at a MINI dealership.

You Can Visit Alex at South Shore MINI in Rockland, Massachusetts