A female MINI service advisor uses her tablet to assist a female driving a MINI.

Helping Owners Care for Their MINIs
MINI Service Advisors.

Service Advisors help MINI owners understand the value of maintaining their vehicles in accordance with MINI factory guidelines. MINI Service Advisors are excellent communicators who are responsible for selling services as well as identifying and documenting service, maintenance, and repair requests for customers. As a customer’s personal link to the Aftersales department, the MINI Service Advisor establishes a critical, ongoing relationship with MINI owners.

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The MINI Service Advisor Role
A male service advisor's hand is shown polishing the hood of a MINI with a cloth.

Who Thrives as a MINI Service Advisor?

Top-notch MINI Service Advisors have an eye for detail ensuring that service requests are accurate, organized, and delivered on schedule. They understand the value of clear customer communications and are instrumental in keeping customers satisfied with a consistent premium experience. MINI Service Advisors are also trustworthy and transparent salespeople who advise customers on the maintenance services and products they need.

Other qualities of a successful MINI Service Advisor include:

  • Friendly, open, and trustworthy team player.
  • Enjoys interacting with customers throughout the day.
  • Detail-oriented and thorough when determining repair needs and processing orders.
  • Possesses solid math skills for calculating repair and labor costs.
  • Has a proven track record in achieving customer excellence.
  • Has a willingness to be fully trained on MINI products.
  • Is enthusiastic about MINI’s heritage, design, engineering, and future innovations.
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