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joy in educating MINI Customers
The MINI Genius.

MINI Geniuses have an affinity for motoring and are fully trained to be experts in MINI products. They are directly responsible for educating and consulting with MINI customers and supporting the MINI team in delivering an extraordinary customer service experience. Outgoing, dynamic, and self-driven, MINI Geniuses inform customers on the features, functions, and benefits of MINI innovation such as MINI Connected, MINI Driving Modes, and MINImalism efficiency features, among others.

The MINI Genius role is a salaried position focused on relationship building with outstanding opportunity for personal and career growth.

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The MINI Genius Role
Two females discuss a MINI while one is inside of the car.

Who Makes a Successful MINI Genius?

The most successful MINI Geniuses are passionate about being MINI product experts and enjoy imparting their knowledge about MINI’s premium, fun-to-drive model range.

The ideal MINI Genius:

  • Has a willingness to be trained as a MINI product advocate.
  • Is able to answer any and all customer questions regarding the product’s features and benefits.
  • Proactively approaches customers in the showroom to welcome them and offer assistance.
  • Always provides exceptional customer service whether in the dealership, on the phone, or online.
  • Is enthusiastic about MINI’s heritage, design, engineering, and future innovations.
  • Is team oriented and excited to be a part of MINI’s internationally tight-knit community.
  • Happily follows up with prospective buyers post-visit and is unafraid to ask for referral business.
Other qualities of a successful MINI Genius include:

  • Self-starter
  • Conversationalist
  • Extremely brand aware
  • Knowledgeable about competitor offerings
  • Patient
  • Continuous learner
Have Fun in a Great Career

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